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Recent Grad Wins North Dakota Supreme Court Case

Photograph: Steven Lautt.Steven A. Lautt, May 2012 graduate, argued his first case before the North Dakota Supreme Court 22 days after being sworn in and won the case when the Court issued its opinion in Hamilton v. Woll on November 27, 2012.

At issue was the important oil and gas principle of whether certain conveyance language creates a "royalty" interest or a "mineral" interest; the distinction can have significant financial and development ramifications. Lautt was successful for his client by convincing the Court to overturn an adverse summary judgment to allow consideration of extrinsic evidence to interpret an oil and gas conveyance. As a result of the Court's remand, Lautt handled his first trial in district court.

Recent Grad Elected District Magistrate Judge

Photograph: Judge Renee Henke being sworn in as district magistrate judge.Renee J. Henke, who graduated May 2012, was elected as district magistrate judge in Kansas' Seventeenth Judicial District, Division 4. Henke is based in Downs, Kansas, in the north central part of the state.

After winning the Democratic primary in August, Henke defeated Richard E. Linton in the November 6, 2012 general election, garnering 59% of the vote. Henke campaigned door-to-door and was pleasantly surprised that her youth was viewed as a strength. She said that most people "liked to see someone young moving back to the area, using their education and coming back and trying to help build the community and maybe encourage other young people to come back here as well."

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Stand up for the rights of children
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In our Children and Family Law program, you will receive training in crucial skills such as counseling, negotiation, mediation, interdisciplinary research, and advocacy.

Defend the Innocent
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Here, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the litigation process, the ability to produce appropriate legal pleadings and other litigation documents, and the ability to try a case proficiently to a judge or jury.

Be a Steward of the Land
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With a certificate in natural resources or oil and gas law, you can help protect our available resources.

Help clients plan for their futures
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You'll learn not only about drafting a last will and testament, but also gain expertise in tax and business planning, pensions, medical care, family participation, and government benefits.