Photograph: Alumna meeting with student.

Lifetime Achievement Award 2013 Nominations

The Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed upon graduates whose careers have been highly distinguished, and whose achievements and contributions are widely recognized as significant and outstanding in their field of endeavor, whether it be in the practice of law, the judiciary, business, public service, education or otherwise. While all Washburn Law graduates will be eligible for consideration, in general those nominated should be persons whose professional careers have been substantially completed, and who clearly will represent the very best and most accomplished of the law school's many outstanding graduates. Up to twelve awards will be given annually.

These awards are presented at the annual Alumni Association meeting/Kansas Bar Association. Additional announcements will be made in the Washburn Lawyer, press releases, and on the television monitor in the law school building.

Deadline for 2013 nominations is February 1, 2013. Please submit nominations to:

Washburn University School of Law
Alumni Services Office - Lifetime Achievement Award
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

For further information, contact Judyanne Somers, Alumni Services Director, at 785-670-2013 or judyanne.somers [at] (Fax: (785) 670-3249)

I wish to nominate the following Washburn University School of Law graduate as distinguished alumni:

Name of nominee: ______________________________

Year graduated: ________________________

Contact information for nominee (address, phone, email):



As an attachment, please provide as much (as possible) of the following information beginning chronologically with the most recent.

  1. Known Earned Degrees (please specify college, school, and year received)
  2. Known Honorary Degrees (please specify college, school, and year received)
  3. Professional History
    1. Current title
    2. Responsibilities
    3. Other positions held within firm/company/organization
  4. Significant Past Professional History (please include dates and positions held)
  5. Professional Achievements
  6. Public Honors
  7. Publications
  8. Service
    1. University
    2. Community
    3. State
    4. Nation
  9. Military Service (please specify years served and ranks held)
  10. Special Comments from Nominator

Nominated by: _________________________________

Date: _________________

Address: _____________________________________

Phone: _____________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________