Faculty granted tenure, receive promotions at Washburn University

The Washburn University Board of Regents granted tenure and approved a slate of promotions to several faculty at a recent meeting.

Granted tenure:

  • Rory Bahadur, School of Law
  • Sharla Blank, sociology/anthropology
  • Jeanne Catanzaro, School of Nursing
  • Carolyn Carlson, education
  • Erin Chamberlain, English
  • Liviu Florea, School of Business
  • Andrew Herbig, biology
  • Lori McMillan, School of Law
  • Gaspar Porta, mathematics
  • Susie Pryor, School of Business
  • Jennifer Wagner, mathematics
  • Mary Dorsey Wanless, art
  • Kerry Wynn, history

Promotions went to:

  • Rory Bahadur, School of Law, to professor
  • Alan Bearman, history, to professor
  • Carolyn Carlson, education, to associate professor
  • Liviu Florea, School of Business, to associate professor
  • Lori McMillan, School of Law, to professor
  • Tom Morgan, music, to professor
  • Kim Morse, history, to professor
  • Gaspar Porta, mathematics, to associate professor
  • Susie Pryor, School of Business, to associate professor
  • Bassima Schbley, social work,
  • Shaun Schmidt, chemistry, to professor
  • Azyz Sharafy, art, to professor
  • Ann Marie Snook, music, to professor
  • Lee Snook, music, to professor
  • Jennifer Wagner, mathematics, to associate professor
  • MaryDorsey Wanless, art, to associate professor
  • Kerry Wynn, history, to associate professor