First Year Student Summer Spotlight: Max Caldwell

So what have I been doing this summer? Well for the first few weeks of summer I wasn’t really doing anything. I planned on taking classes throughout the summer, but ended up in the interview process for an Intellectual Property Intern with Sprint’s Intellectual Property and Legal Technical Services. (Pretty intense, right??) Well great news, I got the internship! I started this last Monday and I officially have a week’s worth of experience. I have already met quite a few people, been introduced to pretty intense technology, and found out that I really wish I had a sweet phone instead of my electrify original. Yeah I said it, original. Besides for Sprint being a constant reminder of my technologically deficient “smart” phone, it is a great place to work. The main campus is amazing and I would recommend to anyone that has the chance to tour it to do it!

With one week into the new job I’m excited to keep learning throughout the rest of the summer and beyond in Intellectual Property, in particular patents. I’m kind of sad to say it, but with the summer about half over I’m somewhat excited with the thought of starting classes back up in the fall. Before I get too carried away here I do have to add that I am not excited for the Oil and Gas Final already and it is six months away. But in all seriousness I miss seeing everyone during the semester and it would definitely be interesting to see how everyone's summer ended up. Either way I hope everyone is having a great time and can't want to see you in the Fall.