First Year Student Summer Spotlight: Ashley Rohleder

This summer has been busier than I ever imagined. And honestly-I have never been happier! This summer I am interning at Washburn Law Office for John Paul Washburn, taking summer classes, and am a Junior Editor for Family Law Quarterly. I won't bore you with the details of it, but most days I have class in the morning, go in for my internship in the afternoons, and spend some evenings doing work for the next day.

The great thing about this incredibly busy summer is that I am finally getting glimpses of what my real life will be like when I leave school. After the first year of assigned classes and little opportunity for experience or anything hands-on outside of LARW, it has been nice to get wide exposure to family law, the field I want to get into. It's so exciting to see just how close to getting there I am!

The first year of law school can be kind of discouraging, but this summer has woken back up the part of me that brought me to law school in the first place. I am ready to work through this summer and keep working toward getting into my career, more excited than ever!