Thoughts on Transferring to Washburn Law

Thinking of transferring to a different law school? Here's our newest Washburn Law student, Jacob Knight, talking about his experience transferring from the University of Tulsa College of Law to Washburn University School of Law.

Hi, my name is Jake Knight and I have recently transferred to Washburn University School of Law. In my second semester at the University of Tulsa College of Law, I realized that I didn't see myself practicing law in Oklahoma (at least not starting out). Instead, I am more interested in beginning my practice of law in the Kansas City area, because it is a hub for great lawyers and new construction. Gaining connections in this region while in law school will better prepare me to practice in the construction law field after law school. Because Washburn Law was one of my top choices prior to my first year, and it has a stellar reputation, I knew it was the best school for me.

The transition of transferring to Washburn Law has been great for two reasons: (1) the school, unlike other schools, made a decision on my acceptance prior to receiving second semester grades, and (2) the people, both faculty and students, have been very welcoming. Before classes even started, fellow students were engaging me about my background and my decision to transfer, which made me feel confident about my decision to transfer. This is something that has been continual as the semester has continued. Professors have also been very accommodating, as well as easily approachable. No favorite professor thus far. This overall down-to-earth atmosphere at Washburn Law is the biggest difference I have seen between Washburn and Tulsa.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten involved in too many activities thus far. Since I was in P.A.D. at TU, it was an easy decision to also join at Washburn. I also tried-out for, and was selected as one of four members of the Negotiation Competition team. As I get more settled in, I plan on getting involved in more activities outside of class. With that being said, I stay quite busy working out and taking care of my puppy on top of a full course load.

The only recommendations I would make to future transfer students would be to: (1) start the process early and stay on top of things (quite a few things to fill out and coordinate between schools), (2) make yourself visible and get to know as many classmates as possible (I need to continue to work at this), and (3) get to know your new professors and let them know your situation. I know I will continue to make great connections and have invaluable experiences over the next two years at Washburn Law!