Issues in Aviation Law CLE a Hit

On Friday, May 30, five aviation law specialists presented the first-ever Issues in Aviation Law CLE program at Washburn Law. The CLE was well-attended and was so successful that another one has been scheduled for May 29, 2015. Content of the CLE program ranged from the lesser known HIMS program to ethical aviation transactions.

"Really impressed with the quality of the speakers and topics. Very interesting topics," wrote a participant on the program evaluation. "You should take this CLE on the road — to the air capital, Wichita."

Photograph: Dawn WavleDawn Wavle, '00, assistant general counsel at Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, opened the program with an overview of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). This included subparts of Title 14 of the Code of FARs with a focus on chapters relating to airmen and flight operations. Her session concluded with a discussion of the interdependence of the regulations regarding commercial operations and violations.

Photograph: Ron PopeHIMS is an occupational substance abuse treatment program, designed specifically for commercial pilots, that coordinates the identification, treatment, and return to work process for affected aviators. The process of the HIMS program for pilots was presented by Ron Pope, '83, a personal injury lawyer with Ralston, Pope & Diehl, LLC, Topeka.

Photograph: Kali HagueKali Hague, '13, provided an overview of an aircraft sale/purchase transaction and the related document filings. She also covered related state tax issues and potential tax exemptions. Hague is an associate at Jackson & Wade, L.L.C., Shawnee, Kan., who represents clients worldwide on all types of aviation-related issues.

Photograph: Jeffrey PeierAircraft finance was presented by Jeffrey D. Peier, senior member of the business section of Klenda Austerman, LLC, in Wichita. He covered the legal and practical considerations in preparing for, documenting, and closing an aircraft finance transaction.

Photograph: Kent JacksonKent S. Jackson ended the program with a session focused on ethical aviation transactions. Participants were engaged in a discussion of the variety of interesting and ethical issues posed by broker relationships in aviation transactions. Jackson is founding and managing partner in the law firm of Jackson & Wade, L.L.C., Shawnee, Kan., which focuses on structuring aircraft transactions and a broad range of aviation regulatory advice.  

"Thank you for adding good quality aviation CLE’s here in Kansas," wrote a participant.