Photograph: Eagle statue outside law school.

Board of Advisors

The Center for Excellence in Advocacy taps into the expertise of a board of advisors who are leaders in their areas of practice. Eager to offer their insights through the various special programs scheduled throughout the year, the board of advisors is committed to helping shape the direction of the Center for Excellence in Advocacy and contributing to the success of our students.

Photograph: George Barton.George A. Barton
Law Offices of George A. Barton, PC
Kansas City, Missouri
Washburn Law 1977

Photograph: The Honorable Paul L. Brady.The Honorable Paul L. Brady
Retired, Chief Federal Administrative Law Judge
Atlanta, Georgia
Washburn Law 1956

Photograph: Stewart L. Entz.Stewart L. Entz
Entz & Chaney, PA
Topeka, Kansas
Washburn Law 1965

Photograph: Joyce M. Hellstern.Joyce M. Hellstern
Bickel & Brewer
Dallas, Texas
Washburn Law 1985

Photograph: Andrew W. Hutton.Andrew W. Hutton
Hutton & Hutton
Wichita, Kansas
Washburn Law 1979

Photograph: Lynn Johnson.Lynn Johnson
Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman, CHTD
Kansas City, Missouri
Washburn Law 1970

Photograph: Michael C. Manning.Michael C. Manning
Managing Partner
Stinson, Morrison & Hecker, LLP
Phoenix, Arizona
Washburn Law 1974

Photograph: The Honorable Joseph W. Morris.The Honorable Joseph W. Morris
Gable & Gotwals
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Washburn Law 1947

Photograph: C. William Ossmann.The Honorable C. William Ossmann
Shawnee County District Court
Washburn Law 1977

Photograph: Donald W. Rupert.Donald W. Rupert
Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw
Evanston, Illinois
Washburn Law 1976

Photograph: Kent P. Smith.Kent P. Smith
Senior Partner
Smith, Currie & Hancock, LLP
Atlanta, Georgia
Washburn Law 1966

Photograph: Fred J. Spigarelli.Fred J. Spigarelli
The Spigarelli Law Firm
Pittsburg, Kansas
Washburn Law 1970