Photograph: Barn in field.

Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law is a specialized area that is often treated in unique ways by the legal and tax systems in the United States. Recognizing the importance of preparing our students to effectively represent the farming and ranching communities, and the agribusiness enterprises that support agriculture, Washburn Law has assembled an impressive group of professors to serve its students, alumni, and the lawyers and tax specialists who deal with agricultural law and taxation issues on a daily basis.

Professor Roger McEowen teaches a menu of agricultural law courses, including:

  • Estate and Business Planning for Farmers and Ranchers
  • Farm and Ranch Taxation;
  • Commercial Transactions and Bankruptcy in Agriculture, and;
  • Water, Environmental, and Regulatory Law Impacting Agriculture.

Professor McEowen is also the editor of the Washburn Agricultural Law & Tax Report (WALTR). WALTR provides an up-to-date (and up-to-the-minute through Twitter) commentary on legal developments in agricultural law and taxation via case annotations and articles on a wide range of agricultural topics. It also links to Professor McEowen's commentaries on radio and television programs.

Other Washburn Law faculty and the courses they teach include:

  • Professor Burke Griggs (Agricultural Law; Public Land Law);
  • Professor Leland Rolfs (Water Law);
  • Professor Timothy O'Sullivan (Estate Planning); and
  • Professor Myrl Duncan (Environmental Law).

Professor David Pierce, Director of the Oil and Gas Law Center at Washburn Law, teaches, writes, and speaks on issues associated with the second major rural land use in Kansas and many other states: oil and gas development.

Washburn Law also presents special programs that address the business of agriculture and the role of the lawyer. For example, upcoming on September 20, 2016, at the Kansas Farm Bureau facility in Manhattan, Kansas, Washburn Law will partner with Kansas State University and Kansas Farm Bureau to present a one-day symposium, "Exploring the Intersection of Law and Business in Agriculture."

Washburn Law is also dedicated to ensuring the availability of effective legal representation in rural Kansas, which led to the partnership with Kansas State University on the "Rural Legal Practice Initiative." The ultimate goal of the initiative is to assist students, and potential students, in considering career opportunities for a law-trained graduate working in rural communities.

Agricultural Law Society
Photograph: Agricultural Law Society members at their annual BBQ with faculty, legislators, and other agriculture professionals.

The Agricultural Law Society sponsors lunchtime and other programs to educate the next generation of leaders and promote the understanding of agriculture practices and laws. A highlight is the Society's annual BBQ which brings together students, legislators, professors, and agriculture professionals for networking and an exchange of ideas.