Director's Report for 2012-2013

The Business and Transactional Law Center continued to provide many opportunities for students to develop the skills needed to be effective transactional lawyers able to operate in today's dynamic business law environment.

Read the director's annual report (1.1 MB PDF)

Photograph: Bradley Haddock, Class of 1980 meets with Washburn Law students to talk about limited liability companies,

Bradley Haddock, Class of 1980, met with students for Small-Group Presentation and Skills Training on Limited Liability Companies.

Photograph: Steven Ramirez talking about Lawless Capitalism.

Steven Ramirez, first director of the Business and Transactional Law Center, returned to Washburn Law to talk about his book, Lawless Capitalism.

Graphic: Cover of 2012-2013 report by the director of the Washburn Law Business and Transactional Law Center.

Read the report (1.1 MB PDF)

Photograph: Participants in the 2013 Tax Law Colloquium.

Scholars from around the country gathered in April 2013 at the Tax Law Colloquium to discuss their projects in an informal setting.