Photograph: Washburn Law Clinic.

Summer/Fall 2013 Issue

May it Please the Court
Law Clinic intern Sara Ehret, '14, discusses an adoption case she completed this semester. She says, "The adoption case quickly turned into one of my favorite cases even though it was challenging at times. In the end, it was definitely the most rewarding."

Experiencing Clinic on the Fast Track
Clay Kuhns, '14, explains he chose Washburn Law for the Fast Track program and the ability to graduate in two years.

Clinic Swearing-in Ceremonies: Johnson and Schmidt Preside
Justice Johnson, '80, presided over the Fall Swearing-in Ceremony for Washburn Law Clinic interns on August 29. Clinic interns enrolled in the summer semester were sworn into student practice by Judge Schmidt, ’82, in her courtroom in the Shawnee County District Courthouse on May 22.

An Opportunity to Gain Real Experience - A Blog Posting
Jenni Howsman, '14, talks about being two Law Clinics: the criminal defense litigation clinic and appellate advocacy.

Joshua Garrett Earns Spring 2013 Ungerman Award
Clinic faculty decides Joshua Garrett best exemplifies the spirit of the Ungerman Award.

McPeak Named Ellis & Judd Outstanding Directed Intern
The Ellis & Judd Outstanding Directed Intern Award is given to the directed intern who has distinguished herself by combining competent, vigorous representation with the compassion necessary to become a truly effective lawyer.

Law Clinic Interns
Introduction of Fall 2013 Clinic Interns

Law Clinic Faculty
Faculty introductions