What are current interns saying about Law Clinic?

Photograph: Directed Interns.

Alisha Udhwani, Carly McPeak, Bill Pak, and Matthew McGregor
(not pictured: Kathryn Salsbury-Kiwan)

After successfully completing a semester in Law Clinic, an intern may participate in an additional semester upon the approval of their supervising attorney. Directed interns enroll in 1, 2, or 3 credit hours and keep office hours according to the number of credit hours enrolled but do not attend the large group or small group classes.

Alisha Udhwani, Class of 2013

Photograph: Alisha Udhwani."The Washburn Law Clinic has already made my dream a reality by providing me with the opportunity to work with immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence. Therefore, I decided to enroll into the clinic as a directed intern this spring so that I can continue practicing in the field I have always aspired to be a part of. The students in the clinic have become very close, as we often discuss our cases either to ask for suggestions, or to gain support from one another. This way, I have learned not only about family law and immigration, but I have learned a little about criminal, civil, and small business transactions as well. One thing is for sure, we all have learned a lot about ourselves in the process. I truly believe that my experience in the clinic has given me a jumpstart to my career, and I am grateful for this opportunity".


Bill Pak, Class of 2013

Photograph: Bill Pak."I decided to become a directed intern at the Washburn Law Clinic because I felt the need to continue helping the less fortunate resolve legal matters. The Clinic allows me to fully interact with my clients thereby giving me valuable insight into the thoughts and processes by which they have incurred legal problems. Understanding these mechanisms have allowed me to gain a greater passion for ensuring that all people have access to legal advice."


Kathryn Salsbury-Kiwan, Class of 2013

Photograph: Kathryn Salsbury-Kiwan."Law Clinic is the single greatest source of positive feedback I have had in law school. The reassurance that a job was well done or that a skill set that was under development for years was actually utilized properly was beyond welcome. It is impossible to overstate how important such reassurances impacts one's confidence both in the self perception of abilities as well as the decision to come to law school in the first place."


Carly McPeak, Class of 2013

Photograph: Carly McPeak."The family law clinic gave me the unique opportunity to weave together my academic knowledge with practice. It was a true demonstration that family law incorporates many different aspects of the law and rarely has clean cut, obvious answers. Throughout my year with the clinic, I have learned how to better counsel my clients, deal with difficult opposing counsel, and work with interstate issues. Working with Professor Petty on an immigration case opened my eyes to a new area of practice that is both challenging and rewarding which allowed me to network with the wealth of resources that Topeka has relating to this field."