Law Clinic Offered During Winter Intersession

Photograph: Ellen Grennier.During the 2012 Winter Intersession, the Law Clinic offered a directed internship to those interns who just completed the Fall 2012 semester. Ellen Grennier and Adam Poole were selected to continue their work on cases through the holiday break. As most students were either heading out of town to see family or staying close to campus to celebrate the holidays, Ellen and Adam worked a minimum of 40 hours to earn one credit hour during the break.

With the change to a 13-week semester, the Winter Intersession break was extended, which allowed the Law Clinic to offer a directed internship between the semesters. By enrolling in the directed internship, both interns were able to represent their clients to the conclusion of the case.

Photograph: Adam Poole. Adam wrote a trial brief and presented oral arguments in a habeas corpus case on January 8 in Leavenworth County. Ellen completed three immigration cases and filed them with the INS, and brought a divorce action to conclusion.

"The opportunity to stay on as a directed intern over the Winter Intersession was a benefit to me as well as to my client. If I wouldn't have been able to present oral arguments in early January, we would have had to ask for a continuance for the hearing and assign a different intern when the spring semester began. The client would then have had to wait several weeks to be heard. With this opportunity, I was able to see the matter to the final hearing stage, fulfilling my professional responsibility to the client, and earn a credit hour which I needed to even out my spring semester class load," said Adam Poole, 3L.