How Do I Get Involved in the Small Business & Nonprofit Transactional Clinic?

Students interested in practicing in the Small Business & Nonprofit Transactional Clinic (SBNT) should closely watch their email for the application process announcement about one month before enrollment begins. Students must complete an application and interview with Professor Janet Thompson Jackson as part of the selection process. Eight openings in the SBNT Clinic for the fall 2013 semester have already been filled.

Students can enroll in either 4 or 5 credit hours. The experience of an intern enrolled in 4 credit hours will be the same as the intern enrolled in 5, but that intern may have 1 or 2 fewer files. In order to receive credit for the 4 or 5 credit hours, interns must "bill" either 160 or 200 hours worth of clinic work during the semester. Each credit hour equals 40 hours of "billable" hours so the number of "billable" hours an intern must complete depends on the number of credit hours enrolled. Everything clinic related counts toward the 160 or 200 hours: attending large group classes, individual meetings with your supervising attorney, reviewing files, research, meeting with clients, telephone conferences regarding your client matters, and the required presentation given each semester to new small business owners. Interns keep track of their hours on time sheets which are turned in and calculated every week.

The SBNT Clinic does not operate during the summer session.

If you want more information, contact Debi Schrock at 785-670-1191, or