Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in Clinic

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10. You will apply all of the lectures from the past two years to real situations.

9. You will meet professionals in your area who will be your peers (and may be your employers) after graduation.

8. You will learn that thinking like a lawyer really means thinking in six-minute increments.

7. You will find out if your knees knock when you are in front of a real judge.

6. You will find out that your knees really do stop knocking with experience.

5. You can eat and drink in our library!

4. With a supervising attorney overseeing your work, Clinic will give you the confidence and experience to show you that you are ready to practice law.

3. You perform practical legal work, not theoretical problems posed in class.

2. You will help clients that would otherwise not have a lawyer or would have a public defender with a caseload that may not permit as much attention as you can give, which is very rewarding!

And the number one reason to enroll in Clinic is,

1. You will gain a competitive advantage over peers in a tight job market.