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Spring 2013 Issue

Amy Ahrens Earns Kansas Association for Justice Raymond Spring Award
While in clinic, Amy represented clients in a variety of domestic and criminal cases. In one case, Amy worked long hours on a post-conviction petition that remained pending beyond her clinic semester.

Law Clinic Offered During Winter Intersession
During the 2012 Winter Intersession, the Law Clinic offered a directed internship to those interns who just completed the Fall 2012 semester.

Double the Practical Experience
"I decided to enroll in clinic twice because I wanted to continue working with excellent professionals in a real-world environment."

What Should I Know About Litigation Clinic?
The most important thing to know about the Washburn Law Clinic is that everything is real - our clients are real, your court appearances are before a real judge, and the outcome of your case impacts the lives of real people.

How Do I Get Involved in the Small Business & Nonprofit Transactional Clinic?
Students interested in practicing in the Small Business & Nonprofit Transactional Clinic (SBNT) should closely watch their email for the application process announcement about one month before enrollment begins.

Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in Clinic
You will apply all of the lectures from the past two years to real situations.

Judge Ossmann Presides Over Swearing-In Ceremony
On January 25, 2013, the spring interns were sworn into student practice by Judge C. William Ossmann, one of the newest Shawnee County district court judges, a long time supporter of the law school, and a former clinic intern.

Dreamers Dreams Come True
A child is brought across the border, carried in the arms of his mother. The family settles in Topeka and makes a home for themselves. The child grows up speaking English, attending public schools, making friends, playing sports, learning and enjoying American culture.

Clinic Interns - Spring 2013

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