Photograph: Alumna meeting with student.

Permanent email addresses

How Do I Get My Username and Password?

Permanent e-mail addresses are provided via Google's Gmail service. An account has already been created for each alumni. Contact the Alumni Services Office at (785) 670-1011 to obtain your username and password.

I Forgot My Password — How Can I Get It?

We are unable to tell you your old password but can create a new password which you will be required to change the next time you login.

To obtain a new password contact Alumni Services at (785) 670-1011 or (785) 670-1100 or alumni [at]

My Name Has Changed — Can I Update My Username?

We are unable to change your username after you have accessed your account.

However, if you have not accessed your account or do not care about the messages already in the account we can delete the old account and create a new account with the username you choose if it is available. We can also create a new account and you can forward your old messages to this account before the old account is deleted.

I Have Other Questions About This Service — Who Can I Contact?

Please contact Karli Davis at (785) 670-2013 or for technical assistance.

How Do I Sign In To My Account

Use this link or go to

Note: the first time you sign in you will be required to change your password.

Trouble Signing In?

Check the status of GMail at the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Format of E-mail Address

Note: Gmail users can receive e-mail at more than just the address that has already been created.

You can also receive your e-mail at (no dots in username), as well as addresses with more dots. You can also change the outgoing name that is used by accessing Settings/Accounts after you login and using 'edit info' next to the 'Send mail as' option.

Washburn University School of Law is pleased to be able to provide permanent e-mail addresses for its alumni.