Washburn Law Bar Pass Program

The supplemental bar pass program at Washburn Law has three components:

  • workshops,
  • a bar exam website, and
  • individual counseling.


Workshops run parallel to the Barbri review course. All Washburn Law students are invited to attend workshops regardless of whether they are participating in Barbri's review program. Students attend a Barbri lecture in the morning; the workshops are held on that topic the next day from 1-2 p.m. Workshops use the substantive law subject covered in the Barbri lecture on the previous day as a springboard to focus on test-taking and test preparation skills. There are 2-3 workshops per week. Calendars of Workshop dates are available by mid-May for May graduates and mid-December for December graduates. Workshops focus on both Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and essay practice questions.

  • During workshops covering MBE topics, students are given a hard copy of questions and electronic clickers.
    • Students will at times divide into teams/pairs to answer questions and at other times work on their own.
    • Students have two minutes per question to answer using the clicker device.
    • Results are displayed and correct answers are identified and explained.
    • Key points from each question are provided and the students discuss the question.
    • As the weeks progress, the workshops shift focus from group practice to more structured, test-like conditions, with mixed topic MBE questions.
    • In the final weeks before the exam students take a half day, 100-question simulated MBE test and discuss the answers.
  • During workshops focused on essay exam topics, students are provided with a past Kansas Bar Exam essay question and a blue book and are given 22 minutes to complete the essay. When time is up, students turn the essays in for grading and feedback. (Questions from other jurisdictions are available upon request.)
  • The program also hosts half-day exam simulations covering both essay and MBE questions. Students will be in a classroom setting with either 8 essays or 100 MBE questions to be completed over a three-hour period. Students turn these answers in to program staff who review and return the students' exams with sample answers and feedback.


Students are encouraged to meet one-on-one with the Director of Bar Services to discuss time and stress management strategies, or any difficulties with MBE questions or topics. The Director is also available to provide feedback on any practice essays that students prepare.

Not Studying in Topeka or Taking Another State Bar Exam?

Students studying elsewhere can and should participate in the bar pass program. All students studying for any bar exam should contact the Director of Academic Support and Bar Passage (marsha.griggs@washburn.edu) for information about resources that are available to you.

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