Student studying in the library.

Study Carrels

The Law Library has several study carrels on the third and fourth floors that students can use for studying. Some of the carrels are assigned to students participating in research or special projects. To be eligible for an assigned study carrel a student must be participating in one of the following activities:

  • Directed research for a professor
  • Research assistant for a professor
  • Teaching assistant for a professor
  • Interim law school competition
  • Law Journal
  • Library Assistant
  • Moot Court
  • Structured Study Group Leader

Students must apply for a study carrel at the Circulation Desk. At the time of application, students will review the carrel policies with the circulation librarian and sign a registration form.

Circulating library materials may be checked out to assigned study carrels for an extended period of time. Students should bring all materials to the Circulation Desk for check out. Please let the Circulation staff know the items will be checked out to a study carrel.