First Year Student Summer Spotlight: Jorge De Hoyos

My very first summer after starting at Washburn University School of Law in January was one I'll never be able to forget. I was able to enroll in several different courses, enjoy the slow Topeka summer, and start clerking for a local law firm! Living in Topeka during the summer is quiet. However, I still had the chance to enjoy it and to reignite my passion for my legal education.

After a long and challenging semester, I spent the first few weeks back home in Wichita, Kansas. Getting back to my friends and family allowed me to really appreciate their support during the school year and for the next few years to come. My friends and I went to several concerts over the summer including Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts, and even Willie Nelson. I am so blessed to have been able to spend some time with them and I look forward to more memories after this fall semester.

I decided that taking classes over the summer would really further my legal education, and therefore I enrolled in two courses. Because I was a business major in college, I enrolled in Business Associations and Secured Transactions. It was great to get some legal exposure to the field in which I have come to know so well.
Business Association was an incredible learning experience taught by Professor McMillan. Not only was the topic fun and interesting, but she made the class so easy to understand. While anyone could be bored in a summer class, I never felt that way with McMillan and I hope she knows that I’ll be taking all of the classes I can with her from now on.

When I first enrolled at Washburn University School of Law, I heard about the incredible reputation of Professor Westbrook. I was told by many people that not only was she intelligent she was also a fun teacher. Taking Secured Transactions with her made me believe in the hype. While she was battling an illness that kept her away from most the classes, her experience, expertise, and personality really kept me engaged even in the new online medium. I sincerely hope she recovers from her illness because I can’t wait to take more classes from her.

In late July, I posted online that I was looking to clerk for a local attorney. I was really hoping to get some exposure and experience to put my knowledge to practical use. A friend of mine mentioned that he had an uncle in the Topeka area that was looking for a law clerk. Before I knew it, I had my own desk, my own research to get started, and a view from a sky-rise downtown to kill for at Engel Law P.A.! I’m so happy Chuck Engel has decided to take me on as a Law Clerk, and I’m so blessed to be working in the field I hope to have a full-time career in.

The summer of 2013 was full of memories that I will never forget. As I welcome in the new class at Washburn Law, and settle back into nights full of homework, I’m thankful for the many opportunities that have come my way, and I look forward to the challenging and fun events of this Fall semester.