Dean Romig Lauds Honorable Professions as Guest of Honor at Military Dining Out

Photograph: Dean Thomas J. Romig.Dean Thomas J. Romig, Former Army TJAG, was the Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker at the Military Dining Out and Solo and Small Firm Awards Presentation at the 2013 American Bar Association Annual Meeting earlier this month.

A Dining Out is a formal dinner that has historic roots dating back to the British Army in colonial times. The Dining Out brings together officers and their guests in a fellowship atmosphere and to enhance the luxuries of life. These dinners have become traditional in all the branches of the armed forces.

Before becoming dean of the law school in 2007, Romig most recently served as deputy chief counsel for operations and Acting Chief Counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Prior to joining the FAA, Dean Romig served four years as the 36th Judge Advocate General of the Army. He led and supervised an organization of more than 9,000 personnel comprised of 5,000 active and reserve military and civilian attorneys and more than 4,000 paralegal and support personnel spread throughout 328 separate offices in 22 countries. He oversaw a world-wide legal practice including civil and criminal litigation, international law, administrative law, labor and employment law, environmental law, claims, and ethics compliance.

In Romig’s address to the group, he expressed to them that being a law school dean is a very rewarding job, especially knowing that you are making a difference in the life of a law student.

Romig specifically addressed the military lawyers, telling them that they are members of two of the most distinguished and honorable professions in the world - the profession of law and the profession of arms - and expressed that they should be very proud of both professions.

Romig shared with the group emotionally moving and oftentimes personal commentary about three places where the American Military made dramatic and unforgettable differences to people’s lives in other countries: Bastogne, Belgium, which was rescued by the American Army in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II; the Normandy Coast in France, where the American Forces, along with Allied partners, landed and began the liberation of Europe; and Bosnia, where American Military presence helped protect against ethnic cleansing.  

"I want to share with you a proposition that I think is a truism that should make you feel proud," said Romig.  "I believe throughout our history, the American Military has been one of the greatest forces in the World for Good; for Liberty; for Freedom; and for Peace.  What other organization has consistently had that kind of impact around the globe and throughout history?"