Professor Jeff Jackson Provides Input on Incoming Appellate Judge Boundaries

Photograph: Professsor Jeff Jackson

Washburn Law Professor Jeffrey D. Jackson provided input to the Topeka Capital-Journal this weekend on the question as to whether a recently confirmed nominee to the Kansas Court of Appeals could continue as Governor Brownback's general counsel until he is sworn in January 2014.

According to the newspaper, Jackson was not aware of a provision in the state's ethics code or statute that would restrict Caleb Stegall from continuing to perform duties of an attorney on Brownback's behalf prior to officially being sworn in as a judge.

"There is nothing to prevent you from practicing until you're sworn in," said Jackson. "You've got to wind things down."

Jackson was also quoted as saying an individual appointed to the bench would traditionally devote himself or herself to closing out professional responsibilities to the court, to reasonably serving clients' interests and to avoiding new entanglements that might be subject to litigation in state courts.

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