Candice Farha recipient of Pro Bono Award from Topeka Bar Association

Photograph: Candice FarhaWashburn University School of Law student Candice Farha, J.D. candidate '15, from Beirut, Lebanon, received a Pro Bono Award from the Topeka Bar Association for her outstanding contributions in the field of pro bono representation in the Topeka community. She was the only law student to receive a pro bono award, along with attorneys Alan Alderson, John Ambrosio, Michelene Brassel, and Susan Richards.

Farha has worked through Kansas Legal Services on a myriad of projects, one of which was creating online interactive interviews that pre-populate legal forms for pro se applicants (e.g., divorce petitions). Other projects included updating and streamlining the website; calling applicants to get additional information; and, if she was able after conferring with the attorneys, advising clients regarding their legal issues.  

Farha was inspired by KLS attorneys who she thinks did their best to help prepare her for the world beyond law school. "KLS is a very rewarding place to work. Everyone is kind, well-meaning, and hard-working. There is an ambiance at KLS that's exciting and that makes you feel good about all the worthy things you're doing for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to get any help," said Farha.

 She added, "I'd say that I took quite a bit from the experience and it has forever changed my life for the better. I would encourage anyone who has some free time and would like some experience to consider working at KLS. I couldn't be happier that I did."

Marilyn Harp, executive director of Kansas Legal Services; Candice Farha; and her mother, Gayle Farha.
Photograph: Marilyn Harp, executive director of Kansas Legal Services; Candice Farha, and her mother, Gayle Farha.

Photo courtesy of Kansas Legal Services