Washburn Law Graduates Exceed State Pass Rate on Kansas Bar Exam

Washburn Law graduates taking the Kansas Bar exam for the first time in February exceeded the Kansas average pass rate by 3.5 percentage points, scoring 87.5 percent versus 84 percent. Of the 16 Washburn Law graduates who took the exam for the first time, 14 passed.

The Kansas overall pass rate for Washburn Law alumni was 81.8 percent, above the Kansas average of 81.5 percent. Eighteen of the 22 Washburn Law graduates passed.

Preparation for the bar exam is a process that begins during the first week of classes and continues through passage of the exam. All graduates have the opportunity to participate in Washburn Law’s free Bar Pass Program, which includes workshops, a bar exam website, and individual counseling. Additionally, a course for third-year students, Mastering Legal Analysis, focuses on problem recognition and analysis, and enhances critical reading, thinking, and writing skills to maximize student performance on the bar exam.

“We are very pleased with how our graduates performed on the February Kansas Bar Exam,” said Dean Thomas J. Romig.  “Less than a year ago, we expanded our bar passage resources, allowing us to give individualized attention to our graduates and provide them with the tools needed to successfully pass the bar. Our Academic Skills and Bar Passage team of Susannah Pollvogt and Ron Dees, ’09, exhibit stalwart dedication to helping our students succeed!”