Sampson Discusses Leadership in Private Practice

Photograph: William 'Bill' SampsonThe Business and Transactional Law Center hosted attorney William "Bill" Sampson for the Lunch and Learn presentation "Leadership in Private Practice" on February 11, 2016. Sampson's discussion focused on client service, framing this in terms of providing good leadership. He outlined practical steps needed in order to get and keep clients. Sampson pointed out that leadership and good client service depends on prompt attentiveness, responsiveness, and doing good quality work. Client communication is key. Good news should be conveyed to clients quickly, and bad news even faster.

When presented with information, attorneys should listen carefully and analyze the information to discover possible problems and legal issues. Then the attorney must explain these issues and the legal analysis to the client so that the client can make an informed business decision. Sampson encouraged students to be present and responsible in every conference, deposition, hearing or trial - no matter how minor the event may seem. He also advised the students to get to know their clients, their family, their business, and their goals. Sampson encouraged creative solutions and approaches to issues that arise. Students were encouraged to stay with it - litigating cases takes time, be patient with the process, do not be content with a routine pattern but investigate how to become better. By embodying these skills attorneys will be properly equipped to lead their clients.

Sampson is a partner at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon in Kansas City, Missouri. His practice includes business and commercial litigation, products liability, data security, and privacy. He earned his J.D. from the University of Kansas School of Law in 1971.