BTLC March 2021 Programs On Title Examination and Entrepreneurial Law

The Business and Transactional Law Center (BTLC) hosted two speakers via Zoom in March 2021 as part of its Lunch and Learn series.

Photograph: Kyle Mead.Kyle Mead, '98, discussed Title Examination on Monday, March 8, 2021. Mr. Mead is "The Title Guy" and has spent nearly two decades ensuring the transfer of clear title for lenders, buyers, sellers, and borrowers. His presentation covered a variety of topics, including how he broke into this field, how title examination might work in the oil and gas context, and what classes students can take to learn more about this area.

Photograph: Sam Foreman and Mike MacPhee.Sam Foreman, '11, and Mike MacPhee, '20, discussed Entrepreneurial Law on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Mr. Foreman and Mr. MacPhee talked about their experiences working with entrepreneurs in Kansas during a pandemic. While discussing client acquisition and retention Mr. Forman observed, "Sometimes it is when you say 'no' that defines your career even more than the times you say 'yes,'" focusing on his firm's ability to provide the best service possible to each of its clients.

Washburn Law is grateful to Mr. Mead, Mr. Foreman, and Mr. MacPhee for taking time out of their busy schedules to share insights and answer questions from the students.