Volunteer as a Judge, Helping Professional, or Client

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serving as a Judge/Helping Professional or a Client.

  • Washburn Law will be hosting this regional as a VIRTUAL competition. All volunteers can participate from the comfort of their own computer and desk. Traveling to the Law School is not required.
  • Volunteers should be comfortable using ZOOM meeting software. If you are comfortable in a normal Zoom meeting you will be able to help in this competition.
  • Washburn Law personnel will be able to send you to the virtual rooms you need to go to after online orientation for each competition round.
  • Please contact Shawn Leisinger at shawn.leisinger@washburn.edu with any initial technology concerns as you consider volunteering.
  • Technology professionals will be available the day of competition if any issues arise. Contact information will be provided to you.
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Judges and Helping Professionals

Panels of two or three attorney judges and potentially one helping professional (e.g., psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, minister, or individual in other profession with knowledge of how to interact with people) will grade participants based upon a list of performance standards and confidential problem summaries. Judges and helping professionals are asked to provide constructive criticism and feedback to student competitors after each competition round. This is an excellent opportunity for members of the legal community to actively instruct and participate in the development of the next generation of lawyers.

The following volunteer judges and helping professionals are needed:

  • Morning rounds: 12 judges and 6 helping professionals.
  • Semifinal round: 6 judges and 3 helping professionals.
  • Final round: 2 judges and 1 helping professional.

Clients will receive a short (generally one page) fact pattern and use that information to play the role of the described client for the student lawyers to interview. In the initial morning rounds the client will play the same role for three rounds/teams of students. In the semi-finals the client will play the same role for two teams. In the finals a single client will play the role for all three finalist teams. Clients will have their fact patterns to refer to and are encouraged to play the role consistently for each team, improvising in the same manner for each team any information not specifically provided.

The following volunteer clients are needed:

  • Morning rounds: 6.
  • Semifinal round: 3.
  • Final round: 1.