Volunteer as a Student Helper

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serving as a Student Helper.

  • Washburn Law will be hosting this regional as a VIRTUAL competition. All volunteers can participate from the comfort of their own computer and desk. Traveling to the Law School is not required.
  • Volunteers should be comfortable using ZOOM meeting software. If you are comfortable in a normal Zoom meeting you will be able to help in this competition.
  • Washburn Law personnel will be able to send you to the virtual rooms you need to go to after online orientation for each competition round.
  • Please contact Shawn Leisinger at shawn.leisinger@washburn.edu with any initial technology concerns as you consider volunteering.
  • Technology professionals will be available the day of competition if any issues arise. Contact information will be provided to you.
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Lunch For Student Volunteers

Lunch will be provided to morning and afternoon volunteers – please indicate on the volunteer form whether you would like a lunch.

Student Volunteers

Up to 6 Washburn Law students are needed to assist with the competition. Advocacy Certificate credit will be available for students who assist with the competition.

Students may also volunteer to serve as clients by completing the Judge/Helping Professional/Client volunteer form.