Image: Washburn Lawyer.

Washburn Lawyer, Fall 2003 / Winter 2004


100 Years of Washburn Students (10.7 MB PDF)
Profiles members of the 1903 Washburn Law class and their achievements.

Class of 2006 (8.3 MB PDF)
Profiles the Washburn Law Centennial Class, students graduating in 2006.

Washburn Law Legacies (2.7 MB PDF)
Selectively highlights current students with family members who graduated from Washburn Law.

Recent Grads on the Move (2.7 MB PDF)
Recent alumni and their early career successes.

Meet the New Faculty (718 KB PDF)
Profiles of new faculty joining Washburn Law for the 2003-2004 academic year.

A "Goodell Example" of Giving for Future Generations of Students (577 KB PDF)
Gerald Goodell, Class of 1958, and supporting Washburn Law.


  • Class Actions (4.5 MB PDF)
    Your classmates and their accomplishments.
  • Donor Honor Roll (73 KB PDF)


  • In Memoriam (2.4 MB PDF)
    Remembering classmates who have passed away.
  • News & Events
    • Part 1: School of Law Renovation; New Admissions Director; Ahrens Tort Symposium; Alumni Events; Law School Apparel; NITA Training at Harvard (1.4 MB PDF)
    • Part 2: Brown v. Board of Education Revisited; Centennial Celebration; December Graduates; Reunion; Alumni Fellow Award; National Capital Defense and Mitigation Skills Training Conference (2.9 MB PDF)
    • Part 3: Dean's Circle Dinner (2.4 MB PDF)
  • Front Cover & Table of Contents (2.9 MB PDF)
  • Back Cover (Upcoming Events) (4.6 MB PDF)