Image: Masthead for Washburn Lawyer, volume 52, issue 2.

Washburn Lawyer, Winter 2015


  • Alumni Spotlight: A Woman Who Believes (2.3 MB PDF)
    The Honorable Sally Pokorny, '78 makes a career by believing in others as much as she believes in herself.
  • Faculty Spotlight: A Supreme Achievement (420 KB PDF)
    U.S. Supreme Court cites Susannah Pollvogt's work in historic ruling.
  • Alumni Mentor: Self-Made Mentor (3.0 MB PDF)
    The Honorable Patrick Augustine, BA ’77 and JD ’85 makes it his mission to guide J. Bo Turney, '14 to, and through, Washburn Law.
  • Alumni Fellow: Law Meets Tech (2.0 KB PDF)
    2015 Alumni Fellow Jeff Hewett, '95 blends law and technology for great results.
  • Campaign Update: A New Home for Washburn Law (2.5 MB PDF)
    Our history has earned it. Our future is calling for it.
  • Lending Support: In Practice (640 KB PDF)
    For Jim Slattery, BS '70 and JD '74, a $250,000 building donation is the practical choice.
  • Lead by Example: Building Up, Paying Back (465 KB PDF)
    Jack Focht’s $100,200 building gift is a thank-you for his remarkable career.
  • Connections: : A Big Gift, a Bit at a Time (559 KB PDF)
    Katie McClure, '02 gives $10,000 the same way she grew her career — month by month.
  • Supporting Students: Give and Take (1.1 MB PDF)
    Martin Pringle offers $50,000 as a nod to its Washburn lawyers, oil and gas practice.
  • Sharing Experience: A Look Ahead (1.8 MB PDF)
    Students tackle career planning with alumni help.
  • Question & Answer (2.2 MB PDF)
    Gabrielle Ilaria, BA ’11 and JD ’15, shares what life is like in law school today, and as a new alumna.
  • Student Spotlight: Unstoppable (2.0 MB PDF)
    Alosha Moore, BA ’13 and JD candidate ’17 faces new lands and languages, and never backs down.

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