Image: Masthead for Washburn Lawyer, volume 56, issue 1.

Washburn Lawyer, Fall 2020


  • Kansas Supreme Court: Chief Justice Marla Luckert (869 KB PDF)
    Uniquely suited for current role, Chief Justice Marla Luckert, BA ’71, JD ’80 seizes historic opportunities.
  • Kansas Supreme Court: Goal Setter (613 KB PDF)
    Plans shape next career decisions for Justice Evelyn Wilson, ’85.
  • Washburn Law and the Judiciary: History (553 KB PDF)
    Students are prepared as leaders in the judiciary.
  • 10th Circuit: Bringing Experience to the Court (1.1 MB PDF)
    From the debate team to the 10th Circuit, Judge Nancy Moritz, BBA ’82, JD ’85 finds earliest lessons valuable.
  • 22nd Judicial District: Serving Northeast Kansas (689 KB PDF)
    Judge John Weingart, ’77 regularly sought after to mentor others.
  • Juvenile Court: Changing Children’s Lives (368 KB PDF)
    Judge Quintress Gilbert, ’88 hopes to protect the most vulnerable, impact lives for the better.
  • 1st Judicial District: Giving People Their Day in Court (365 KB PDF)
    Judge Jerry Kuckelman, BA ’81, JD ’85 strives to be fair, enjoy everyday aspects of justice.
  • Question and Answer: Focused on Community (430 KB PDF)
    Judge Courtney Boehm, ’12 serves as youngest district judge in Kansas.
  • By the Numbers: Washburn Law Judges (64 KB PDF)
  • Tribal Judge: Tribal Jurisdiction (1.1 MB PDF)
    Tribal customs are often applied in Judge Les Ching's ’82 court.
  • U.S. Court for the District of Kansas: Federal Court (1.4 MB PDF)
    Mentors, dedication to work were key to judges’ success (District Judges Eric Melgren, ’85, J. Thomas Marten, BA ’73, JD ‘76 and Magistrate Judge Gwynne Birzer, BA ’89, JD ’92).
  • Johnson County District Court Judge: Running the Courtroom (472 KB PDF)
    Early exposure sparks career for Judge Rhonda Mason, ’96.
  • Pima County Superior Court, Arizona: Judge of the Year (399 KB PDF)
    Judge Kyle Bryson, ’88 works to build community trust in courts.

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