Photograph: Students in a classroom.

August 9, 2021 Update From Dean Lowry

Effective Today (August 9): University requiring masks while indoors—policy will be reviewed weekly.

Dear Students:

As you might imagine, I have been hearing from many students after the university’s email came out on August 6, 2021, stating that masks will be required starting today (August 9) for most indoor activities, regardless of a person’s vaccination status. See

The full regulations and exceptions are outlined at the university's Covid webpage. See

The university will review its policy weekly and send out any updates via email, as well as updating the site above.

Many students are understandably concerned about the mask requirement, and also about what this might indicate regarding any future changes for the fall. At the current time, and as far as I can foresee, all classes are expected to be carried out as currently on the schedule, in the same rooms at the law school (for hybrid and in-person only classes) as are listed on the schedule.

A lot of frustration has been expressed, including demands that the law school depart from the university requirements, which cannot be done, and that the law school set out a clear promise of what the fall semester will look like. This unfortunately cannot be done, either, as we are not in control of the factors that would go into fulfilling such a promise. What we can do is transmit your questions and frustrations to the university administration so that you are heard, and try to make your law school experience as valuable as possible within the limitations we are experiencing.

I know that most of you communicating with me have been fully vaccinated, and that this adds to your frustration that there are restrictions being put on this fall that were not expected. I hope that the community rates of Covid will subside and that these restrictions will be temporary. The university strongly encourages everyone to be vaccinated. If you are not yet fully vaccinated, please contact university Health Services to make an appointment for free vaccination: at this time, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are available. (785) 670-1470. If it is inconvenient for you to come to campus, please call your county health department to find out how you can receive vaccination. Free Covid testing is also conveniently available at Health Services.

If you are planning an event for your school organization, you will need to follow the university regulations for any event held on campus. If you are planning an event off-campus, please follow the county, city, and venue requirements current at the time of the event. I know this makes it extremely difficult to do long-range planning. It will therefore currently be safest to plan outdoor events when possible.

Many questions you may have can be answered by reviewing the university's Covid webpage. If you have questions or concerns about the university regulations, please email It will be helpful if you will also cc me on the email so that I am aware of the university response. You may also, of course, always contact me with questions at, or, regarding academic issues, Dean Francis at

Best regards,

Jalen Lowry
Associate Dean for Student Affairs