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Food at Student Organization Events During COVID-19 Restrictions

Although food at events is no longer prohibited, organizations should consider alternatives during the COVID-19 restrictions.

If food will be available please:

  • make sure that guests are masked when they are not eating and
  • that a six-foot distance between guests is maintained while eating.

The event scheduling form at shows the maximum room capacity when people will be eating.

  • For example, "16/8" for Room 119 means that 16 people can fit in the room, but only 8 if they will be eating.

To Place a Food Order

Any food other than students bringing their own individual lunches must be purchased through Chartwells.

  • Contact Emily Schneider ( at least two weeks in advance to place your food order.
  • Please see "Making Payment" below regarding sufficiency of funds to pay for the food order.
  • Ms. Schneider will place the initial food order.
    • Please let her know the date, time, location (room) of the event and the number of lunches that should be ordered.
  • Ms. Schneider will respond by email to the student placing the food order.
    • After the order is placed, Ms. Schneider will email a work order to the student which will include all items ordered and total price. Carefully review the order and alert Ms. Schneider if it is not accurate.
  • No later than four (4) business days prior to the event confirm with Ms. Schneider the exact number of lunches needed to avoid a 20% late change charge by Chartwells.

Please order boxed lunches for events held inside the law school building.

  • Chartwells offers a special boxed lunch price of $6.95 each to student organizations.
  • This offer has a 10 guest minimum and 40 guest maximum.
  • Each lunch includes a bag of potato chips, a cookie, and one of the following sandwiches:
    • Ham & Swiss,
    • Roast Beef & Cheddar, or
    • Turkey & Swiss.

Please contact Ms. Schneider if you would like to see an expanded (and more expensive) boxed lunch menu.

IMPORTANT: Assign a member of your organization to ensure that all trash is taken out of the classroom and disposed of after the event so that the room is ready for classroom instruction.

  • If extra trash barrels are needed in the pit, please leave a note to Doug and Moe in the "Custodian" mailbox in the mailroom at the law library circulation desk a couple of days before the event. Be sure to include the date, time, and location of your event.

Questions? Please contact Emily Schneider at

Making Payment

Following the event Chartwells will create an invoice and email it, with the corresponding work order, to Ms. Schneider. The invoiced amount will be the same as the amount of the initial order unless something was added (e.g., an additional 30 people showed up and Chartwells had to bring more food).

Ms. Schneider will review the invoice for accuracy and process it. She will then send it to the student organization for the appropriate signatures.

  • It is the responsibility of the person placing the food order to make sure there are sufficient funds available to pay the invoice.
    • The WSBA Treasurer can provide the student organization's WSBA balance.
    • The Associate Dean for Administration's office can provide the organization's agency account balance.
  • If the student organization does not have sufficient funds to pay the expense, take a personal check or provide personal credit card information to Chartwells.
    • Chartwells is located in the Memorial Union, room 113 (by the east center stairs down the hall from the restrooms).

Questions about payment? Please contact Ms. Schneider at

Updated: October 8, 2021.

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