Photograph: View of ocean from Barbados.

Washburn Law Summer Study Abroad Program in Barbados

Why Study in the West Indies?

The Washburn University School of Law Summer Law Program in Barbados provides students an opportunity to understand their legal systems more fully through comparative study of Caribbean and British Commonwealth legal systems, all while living in a safe, stimulating West Indian university environment.

Students have found that the opportunity to study law in the West Indies not only enhances their legal knowledge, but also enables them to develop cross-cultural skills for law practice in a richly diverse Caribbean context. In addition to traditional classroom learning, the program uses site visits to see legal institutions in action. Classroom discussions among U.S. and Caribbean students provide for lively exchanges and new friendships. Learn more about living and learning in Barbados.

Unique Design

While most law school study abroad programs include only U.S. students and faculty, Washburn's Barbados program brings together international students and faculty. Caribbean and U.S. students study together, and professors from both Washburn Law and University of the West Indies Faculty of Law team-teach the classes. Learn more about course offerings.

International Skills and Experience

Washburn Law hopes that all law students will strongly consider an international and cross-cultural experience before entering the workforce. At the same time, we recognize that many students need to balance that opportunity with additional summer coursework and domestic work experience. Therefore, the program is also specially designed so that U.S.-based students can earn six credits abroad during the first half of summer, then return home for summer internships or to take more classes during the second summer session. Learn more about the program schedule.


The Barbados program is designed to make study abroad accessible and affordable. Students enrolled at ABA-accredited law schools usually can use financial aid to study abroad, including tuition, meals, airfare, housing, and more. Some law school scholarships may also apply. In addition, Washburn University offers study abroad scholarships to its J.D. students. Learn more about tuition and aid. Learn more about tuition and aid.

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March 1 Scholarship Application Deadline

Washburn Law students are eligible to apply for study abroad scholarships awarded through the International Programs Office at Washburn University. Applications are due by March 1. Learn more and apply.

Photograph: Kendra Hanson.

"I did the Barbados program to study Products Liability, a practice area I'm interested in, and to study abroad since I had never travelled outside the United States. Living in another culture for six weeks was fun and a tremendous learning opportunity; the Bajan people are so friendly and welcoming, and I was pushed outside my comfort zone to try new foods and experiences. Students should study in Barbados to add a comparative perspective to their legal education."
Kendra Hanson Simmons, '13