Photograph: View of ocean from Barbados.

Special Activities and Events 2016

Photograph: Student leaving on Island Safari tour during Washburn Law study abroad program in Barbados.

There will be a number of special activities and events during the period of time of the Summer Law Program in Barbados.

Land and Sea Safari

As part of the program activities, students will spend a day on a land and sea safari. The safari features going to the less accessible regions of the east coast of the island in the back of a Land Rover in the morning, and then, conditions permitting, having lunch and swimming with the turtles on a boat for the second half of the day.

Field Trips

As part of the curriculum, students will enjoy two field trips to legal institutions in Barbados. In summer 2015, students visited a prison and also spent a day at the Caribbean Development Bank.

More Information
Other activities and events in Barbados during the summer program dates can be found at:
Photograph: Ginger Wells.
"I absolutely loved studying abroad in Barbados. I enjoyed learning about the laws of another country and learning about the Bajan culture. It was also very nice to spend some time on the beach while still taking classes through Washburn Law!" - Ginger Wells, Washburn Law Student