Photograph: View of ocean from Barbados.

Tuition and Aid

The Summer Law Program in Barbados makes study abroad affordable through a combination of low tuition and scholarships, and students may use financial aid.

The estimated student budget for the 2020 Barbados program will be posted approximately mid-September 2019. The budgets referenced below are for the 2019 program.


Tuition includes a full six hours of Washburn Law credit—the same number that most students taking summer courses at home would earn in the same period of time. The cost is gauged to make study abroad as affordable as possible. For current tuition, please see the Estimated Student Budget (206 KB PDF).

For students using financial aid, tuition is not due until your aid is processed and available. For students paying privately (not using financial aid), the first half is due March 15, and the second half April 15. See the Program Timeline.


The housing fee covers a single-occupancy room in the residence halls for six weeks. The program also has modest fees for the application and for study abroad health insurance. For a schedule of fees, please see the Estimated Student Budget (206 KB PDF).


Ordinary study abroad expenses include airfare, course materials, meals, local travel, and personal incidentals. For students using financial aid, these expenses usually will be funded according to the amounts on the Estimated Student Budget (206 KB PDF).


Washburn University generously provides scholarship awards to Washburn Law students. Apply by March 1 in order to ensure your consideration for a WU International Programs scholarship. See also the Program Timeline.

Financial Aid

Financial aid applies to law credits earned through accredited study abroad programs. For summer study abroad, we strongly recommend that you begin the process with your university's financial aid office by February 15. See also the Program Timeline.

Washburn Law students: summer financial aid awards typically do not arrive until three or more weeks into the program. To ensure that students are funded on time, Washburn University makes bridge loans available to law students, which are then automatically paid when the student's financial aid award is disbursed. Please consult the Director of International Legal Programs in advance, and please apply for the full amount.

For non-Washburn students, we recommend inquiring as to the timing of financial aid through your own law school, and determining whether your school has a similar program for ameliorating the effects of financial aid timing.

Photograph: Brian Cox.
"Learning the law in a new and different setting makes it even more engaging and exciting. Getting to know students and professors at the University of the West Indies adds to a network of contacts that can be very valuable for a globalized career. Seeing and learning how the law works in a different cultural and historical setting is really neat." - Brian Cox, Washburn Law Student