Photograph: Osaka, Japan skyline at night.

How to Apply

Classes for Washburn Law's Summer Study Abroad Program in Osaka, Japan will be held June 4-June 22, 2018. Students should plan to arrive by June 1 and leave between June 23-June 30.

Admissions and Enrollment

Washburn Law's Osaka Japan Study Abroad Programs is only open Washburn Law Students.

Step 1: Program Application

All students must complete the program application (new window opens) on the WU Office of International Programs (OIP) website. Washburn Law students will have a $75 application fee posted to their accounts. Learn more about OIP application fees.

The deadline for applications to the Osaka Japan Program is February 28, 2018. Applications may be accepted later only with permission from Professor Craig Martin.

Step 2: Scholarship Application

By March 1, complete the application for an international programs scholarship (new window opens). You will need to complete your program application by the same time.

Step 3: Financial Aid Application

If you are using financial aid to fund your study abroad, consider applying and beginning that process as early as mid-February. You may also begin just after the March 1 application deadline. If you have a Washburn law student scholarship, see the Admissions Office by April 1.

Step 4: Registration

Once you have applied for the program pursuant to Step 1 above, and you are approved for the Program, you will be automatically enrolled in the course.


For more information on the course, other academic aspects of the program, travel arrangements and logistics, contact Professor Craig Martin at

For more information on financial aid, scholarships, and the application process, contact Professor Tonya Kowalski at