2017-2018 Student Ambassadors

Washburn Law Student Ambassadors are active in the recruiting of prospective students, providing tours of the law school, and assisting the Admissions Office in a variety of special events.

Our Student Ambassadors are happy to talk with you about their experiences at Washburn Law.

Photograph: Cameron Bernard.Cameron Bernard — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Philosophy
Hometown/State: Topeka, Kansas

"Washburn is a perfect fit for my Kansas-loving, practical-thinking, intellect-perusing, and people-centered self. I have been particularly benefited by Washburn's alumni and location to the capitol. Washburn Law's community and teaching extends beyond the school's four walls. I have had stimulating conversations with Circuit judges to private county lawyers--let's not forget the professors! They have helped me develop a robust and attractive view of what it means to be a lawyer. The world needs good lawyers. Kansas needs good lawyers. Washburn is helping me to be in that number."

Photograph: Jeremy Butler.Jeremy Butler — 3L
Undergraduate School: Northwest Missouri State
Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Hometown/State: Kansas City, Missouri

"I made the decision to enroll at Washburn University School of Law because I could sense that students and staff were recognized for their true character and hard work. I believe that success comes much easier when you can enjoy the process and people who will help you attain it!"

Photograph: Aaron Cunningham.Aaron Cunningham — 2L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Communication Studies, Political Science
Hometown/State: Hays, Kansas

"My entire life I have been taught to serve and give back to my community. Washburn Law is equipping me with the practical skills I need to be a zealous advocate for the clients I will serve."

Photograph: Stephanie Ellis.Stephanie Ellis — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Missouri, Kansas City
Undergraduate Major: Liberal Arts
Hometown/State: Overland Park, Kansas

"From my first interaction with Washburn Law, I felt like my experience in life was an asset rather than a hindrance. Faculty and staff truly care and want success for each student, and will help in nearly anyway possible to achieve it."

Photograph: Donald Fahrny.Donald Fahrny — 3L
Undergraduate School: Oklahoma State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Drumright, Oklahoma

"Finding the perfect learning institution can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone most prospective law students. From the moment I first arrived at Washburn Law, I have had zero doubts about my selection. Washburn Law is truly a school for the students."

Photograph: Alex Hull.Alex Hull — 2J
Undergraduate School: Emporia State University
Undergraduate Major: Recreation
Hometown/State: Norwich, Kansas

"The January start at Washburn Law was a unique experience. I've made close connections with both my classmates and professors through smaller class sizes which have set me up for future success."

Photograph: Kelcey Marsh.Kelcey Marsh — 2L
Undergraduate School: Oklahoma State University
Undergraduate Major: Geology
Hometown/State: Hobart, Oklahoma

"When I think of Washburn Law, I think of community. From the students, to the professors and staff, and even extending to alumni. There is a sense of community between all groups both individually and collectively. I have personally been able to experience this community from every group. Older students have given me advice and encouragement. Professors have lent their time and a helping hand with any problems I may have. Washburn has given me the opportunity to network with alumni who have also invested time in me as a student. It is a wonderful place to be, and is full of a lot of spectacular, intelligent people."

Photograph: Daniel Martin.Daniel Martin — 2L
Undergraduate School: Newman University
Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"The community atmosphere at Washburn Law is like having a second family. Everyone, both students and faculty/staff, is dedicated to seeing each other succeed, and are willing to do what it takes to help each other do so. From my experience with other law schools, this feeling is unique to Washburn Law."

Photograph: Keegan McElroy.Keegan McElroy — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Undergraduate Major: Child, Youth and Family Studies
Hometown/State: Olathe, Kansas

"In undergrad, I was always kind of shy and afraid to speak with my professors. Washburn has the most welcoming faculty, and I now find myself sitting in my professors' offices, talking not only about academics but also about life. The professors and faculty at Washburn truly want you to succeed and will help you however they can to ensure you do."

Photograph: Melissa Miller.Melissa Miller — 2L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Agriculture Economics
Hometown/State: Sedan, Kansas

"Washburn offers so many diverse class options, it makes it very easy to find classes that you truly enjoy."

Photograph: Daniel Oste.Daniel Oste — 3L
Undergraduate School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Hometown/State: Russell, Kansas

"I attended a large state university where I felt like just another student. Washburn Law is not like that, I feel like I'm at home here. In my semesters at Washburn, I have built better relationships with faculty than I did in four years at my undergraduate school."

Photograph: Ian Sharma-Crawford.Ian Sharma-Crawford — 1L
Undergraduate School: Rockhurst University
Undergraduate Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Hometown/State: Overland Park, Kansas

"I was worried that having a science background would put me at a disadvantage in law school, but the facutly have been excellent at appealing to a variety of learning styles, including my own."

Photograph: Tiffany Thomas.Tiffany Thomas — 2L
Undergraduate School: Southeast Missouri State University
Undergraduate Major: Mass Media
Hometown/State: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"As a student with no previous legal background whatsoever, I have found Washburn Law to be warm and welcoming place to not only get a solid beginning of legal basics, but also to explore facets of law that I never even knew existed."