Classroom Technology Instructions

How to use the classroom podium touch screen control.
(When you first come to the screen, it will be darkened, with no visible display. Make sure the computer is turned on, and then wiggle the mouse to make sure it is not hibernating. Tap the touchpad once to activate it.)

Podium Computer Output on the Projector Screen:

  1. Tap the touchpad and tap the green "Projector ON" button on the left side.

  2. Step 1

  3. The system will send several commands automatically, turning on the projector, sourcing to the podium computer, and adjusting the system sound to mid level.
    • Projector has a 30 second warm-up period and a 3 minute cool down period.

  4. Lower screen via switch on the wall.
    • Press the switch in the down position. The switch has an automatic stop so you can just press it and that will suffice.

***Note:  If you do not want to see the podium projected on the projector screen, but just want to see it on the computer screen, simply press "SOURCES" first.

Output Other Devices on the Projector Screen:

  1. Tap the touchpad and tap the green "Projector ON" button on the left side and then the "Sources" button.\

  2. Step 2

  3. Select one of the red buttons in the center for the desired device.

    Step 3

  4. You will then see one of these screens. Adjust the volume for the selected device.

    Step 4

Audio Controls

  1. Check 5 locations to alter the audio.
    • Windows Media Player (or other Application) internal volume control
    • Volume control panel on the computer (right-click on the small speaker icon at the bottom right corner of the screen)
    • Equalizer Dial #2 - set at 7
    • Equalizer Master - set at 7
    • Glass touch pad
  2. If audio is fading in and out . . .
    • make sure the microphone is muted by the button at the bottom right corner of the glass touch pad
    • if mic is not muted, the volume will fade in and out to attempt to compensate for feedback
  3. If otherwise finished with computer, shut it down.

Elmo Document Camera Controls

  1. Select "Doc. Imager " on the glass touch pad.
  2. Open ELMO compartment at right hand side of the top of the podium.
  3. Fold down the sides of the ELMO and raise the head up.
  4. Turn on by making sure the switches on the side of the arm of the ELMO are in the following pattern - UP, DOWN, UP
    • The bottom switch is the actual power switch.
  5. Make sure the RGB/monitor cable is plugged into the lower jack on the base of the ELMO. (it is labeled OUTPUT)
  6. To adjust brightness, use the three switches on the back of the arm (above the RGB cable)
  7. Turn ELMO off if finished with it.
    • When storing the ELMO, maintain tension of the cable connected to the ELMO to avoid it getting caught on internal mechanisms of the podium.
  8. Watch the Video (requires Windows Media Player)

VCR DVD Controls

  1. Touch "DVD/VHS" on the glass touch pad.
  2. Turn on the power to the VCR/DVD player
    • Generally do this by pushing the power button on the unit.
    • Remotes are sometimes issued to the professors, but the signal relay device may interfere with remote signals.
    • Power will be indicated by a brightening if the digital display compared to the brightness when "off."
  3. To avoid broadcast over the the Professor's speaking, tune the unit to L1 or L2 via the channel up/down function.
  4. Watch the video (requires Windows Media Player)

Projector & Screen Shutdown

  1. If finished, power down the projector by tapping the "Projector Off" button.
  2. Return the screen switch to the "up" position to retract the screen.