Financial Policies

Financial Aid Counseling

Students may make an appointment for financial aid counseling with Washburn University Director of Financial Aid Kandace Mars in the Financial Aid Office in Morgan Hall. Ms. Mars may be contacted at or by calling (785) 670-1151.

Financial Aid Disbursement/Refund Dates

Law student loans and scholarships are released to incoming and returning students according to the following schedule. The funds must flow through the student accounts, and all tuition and fees must be paid first, before any refunds will be processed.

Fall 2016

Contact Kandace Mars in Financial Aid with questions.

  • Incoming Students: Dates to be determined.
  • Returning Students: Dates to be determined.

Refunds will be generated daily after the initial date, up to the payment deadline each term. After the payment deadline, refunds will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information see Financial Aid Refunds at the Washburn University Business Office website.

Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit.

Direct Deposit

In order to receive excess financial aid via direct deposit, students MUST enter their bank information themselves EVEN IF THEY HAVE RECEIVED REFUNDS VIA DIRECT DEPOSIT BEFORE.

Go to:

  • Choose "Students" tab
  • Choose "WU-View"
  • Choose "eRefunds" tab
  • Enter your bank information and check the "REFUNDS OPTION" box.

This may be done any time throughout the semester.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are established by the Washburn Board of Regents and are subject to change at any time by the Washburn Board of Regents. All payments are made at the Business Office of the University. Students must clear the Business Office by making full payment of tuition and fees or making acceptable arrangements for deferred payments no later than Friday of the first full week of classes. Current tuition information is available at the Tuition and Costs area of this website. Note: tuition and fees for the coming academic year are normally established in the June or July preceding the start of classes in August.

Notes About Online Payments

  • You can pay your student account online through WU-View at no cost with a webcheck or signature debit card (Mastercard or Visa logo on the front).
  • You can pay your student account online through WU-View with a credit card; the processor (PayPath) charges a 2.75% convenience fee.
  • See Washburn University Credit Card Policy.

Deferred Payments

Students who are unable to pay their account balance in full by the posted payment deadline can enroll in a payment plan through WU-View. Payment plan enrollment is open from the time charges are assessed through the payment deadline for the term. The University offers term-based payment plans that allow charges to be spread out over the term. Options are for 3 or 4 payments in fall and spring and 2 or 3 payments in the summer. At the time of enrollment, automatic payments can be set up from a bank account (automatic credit card payments are not allowed). For installments that are paid late or not paid in full, a $25 late fee will be assessed for each late installment.

Late Fees

Late fees will be assessed after the posted payment deadline for students with a balance who are not enrolled in a payment plan. The maximum late fee is $100 for students in 9.5 or more hours. To avoid a late fee, students should apply for financial aid and loans in a timely manner.

Failure to Pay Fees and Other Financial Obligations

Failure to pay tuition, fees, housing charges, parking fines, library fines, and emergency loans when due will result in a hold on the student account that prevents the release of grade reports, the issue of transcripts, diplomas, or bar examination certification. A hold may also prevent future enrollment.


The date used to determine the percentage of refund is the day an online withdrawal is transacted or when the withdrawal slip is processed in the Dean's Office. The activity fee and any late registration fees are not refundable.

Summer 2016 Refund Schedule

Trial Advoacy (ITAP) (May 15 to May 21)

  • 100% refund: through May 15
  • 0% refund: after May 15

Landlord Tenant Law (May 16 to May 20)

  • 100% refund: through May 16
  • 0% refund: after May 16

Clinic Internship (May 23 to Aug 12)

  • 100% refund: through May 25
  • 0% refund: after May 25

1st 6-week summer session (May 23 to July 1)

  • 100% refund: through May 27
  • 50% refund: May 28 through May 31
  • 0% refund: after May 31

Farm and Ranch Taxation (May 23 to May 26)

  • 100% refund: through May 23
  • 0% refund: after May 23

Cross Examination Techniques (June 4 to June 12)

  • 100% refund: through June 4
  • 0% refund: after June 4

Barbados: Comparative Constitutional Law (May 23 to June 9)

  • 100% refund: through May 23
  • 0% refund: after May 23

Barbados: Comparative Legal Systems: Labor and Employment Law (June 13 to June 29)

  • 100% refund: through June 13
  • 0% refund: after June 13

Commercial Transactions and Bankruptcy in Agriculture (June 20 to June 23)

  • 100% refund: through June 20
  • 0% refund: after June 20

2nd 6-week summer session (July 5 to August 12)

  • 100% refund: through July 8
  • 50% refund: July 9 through July 11
  • 0% refund: after July 11

Water, Environmental, and Regulatory Law lmpacting Agriculture (July 5 to July 8)

  • 100% refund: through July 5
  • 0% refund: after July 5

Taking and Defending Depositions (July 9 to July 17)

  • 100% refund: through July 9
  • 0% refund: after July 9

12-week summer session (May 23 to August 12)

  • 100% refund: through June 3
  • 50% refund: June 4 through June 10
  • 0% refund: after June 10

Tuition refunds are processed according to the schedule available at the University Business Office. Tuition refunds different from that schedule are not permitted unless the course is cancelled by the University or unless an error was made by the University. No refunds will be made on late registration fees or student activity fees unless such charges have been made through an error of the University.

A student must file notice of withdrawal from any class, accompanied by written approval of the professor, with the registrar immediately upon dropping any course. The date of withdrawal is determined by the time the withdrawal form is received in the Registrar's Office. The responsibility for initiating and clearing withdrawal notices with each appropriate University office rests with the student.

If the student has an unpaid account with the University, any refund due from withdrawal may be applied on such account. If the tuition is paid on the deferred payment plan, the refund will apply to the first installment payment.

If a student is unable to complete a term in which he or she is duly enrolled, due to serious injury or illness, and the student presents an affidavit signed by a licensed health care provider stating the same, the student will be refunded the tuition and fees for that semester. To qualify, the student must have personally and fully paid the tuition and fees, have no other unpaid University financial obligations and request the refund in person or through a personal representative. The affidavit form may be obtained in the University Registrar's Office.

A refund will not be made to a student in the event the tuition and fees were paid by other persons or sources, i.e., scholarship funds, grants, Title IV funds or others.

All law school refunds are made in accordance with Washburn University policies. For additional information, contact the Business Office, (785) 670-1156.

Emergency Student Loans

Short-term emergency loans up to a maximum amount of $750 are available*, interest-free, to students who meet the following conditions:

  1. Able to repay the loan from personal funds within ninety days;**
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0;
  3. Currently taking classes, and not in final semester of classes;
  4. Have paid back any previous emergency loan, whether due or not;
  5. Have not defaulted on a previous emergency loan;
  6. Do not have a hold on their transcript; and
  7. Are judged a good credit risk by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.
* Loans will be available to students who meet these criteria unless the limited fund becomes depleted. Any student who defaults on a loan reduces the availability of funds for other students.

** Loans taken in the fall will generally be automatically repaid by the Business Office from spring financial aid. Loans taken in the spring will not be automatically repaid from financial aid unless the student receives financial aid for summer classes. Loans taken during summer classes cannot automatically be repaid from fall financial aid, except for $200, as the federal government restricts such carry-over from the end of a term (which is defined as beginning in the fall and ending in the summer).

Loans not fully repaid within 90 days will result in a $25 late fee and a hold being placed on the student account. Payments returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $30 service charge, in addition to the late fee and hold on the student account. Any amount not repaid within 120 days will be turned over to a collection agency.

Students must deliver their loan application in person to the Business Office and show a photo ID, preferably their Washburn Student ID. Generally, loan applications received by 2:00 p.m. will be available by 10:00 a.m. the next day.

For more information or to apply for a loan, please contact Associate Dean Jalen Lowry at