Procedure to Request Video Recording of a Class or Event

A request for a video recording must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

To request recording of a class or event:

  • Obtain permission from the professor or speaker. Some professors may grant blanket permission to record in their syllabi.
  • Complete the Request Recording of Class or Event form. The form will e-mail the request to Glen McBeth, at the same time copying (i.e., cc'ing) your professor, with the information.
  • If there is additional information that will help with the recording process, e.g., the recording is recurring on specified dates, include that information in the box provided on the form.
  • Mr. McBeth will send confirmation to you that the request has been received and the recording will occur, unless your professor alerts Mr. McBeth that permission is not granted.
  • The video will be posted on the law school's video page within two business days. Login/password is required and is sent in the reply after the "Request Recording of Class or Event" form is submitted. If you cannot find your video after two days, e-mail Mr. McBeth.
  • If it is important to view the video sooner, advise Mr. McBeth in the original request. He will do his best to accommodate you and make your video a priority.
  • If for some reason you have a problem with the quality of the video, contact Mr. McBeth. He may be able to retrieve a back-up feed of better quality.
  • Any duplication or distribution of the recording without prior approval is strictly forbidden and may result in the finding of an Honor Code violation.

Revised October 19, 2015