Photograph: Eagle statue outside law school.

Washburn Law Staff

Our students interact with and receive ongoing support from peers, faculty, staff, and alumni. The law school’s size makes it possible for you to know every administrator, every other student, and every professor.

Jackie Askren.

Jackie Askren
Law Clinic, Clinic Support

Cherie Bauer.

Cherie Bauer
Advancement Assistant

Photograph: Karli Davis.

Karli Davis
Director of Alumni Relations

Photograph: Ron Dees.

Ron Dees
Assistant Director of Academic Skills and Bar Passage

Photograph: Julie DesRuisseaux.

Julie DesRuisseaux

Not pictured.

Penny Fell
Faculty Support

Donna Haverkamp. Donna Haverkamp
Student Records Administrator, Dean's Office

Jo Hunt. Jo Hunt
Associate Dean for Administration 

Shirley Jacobson. Shirley Jacobson
Faculty Support 

Pam Kaufman. Pam Kaufman
Assistant Director of Marketing Communications 

Shawn Leisinger. Shawn Leisinger
Executive Director, Centers for Excellence
Externship Director
CLE Director

Donna McMurry. Donna McMurry
Administrative Secretary, Dean's Office 

Cindy Moyer. Cindy Moyer
Career Planning Assistant, Professional Development Office 

Gwyn Nelson. Gwyn Nelson
Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office

Photograph: Preston Nicholson.

Preston Nicholson
Director of Admissions

Cory Payne. Cory Payne
Admissions Assistant 

Kerri Pelton. Kerri Pelton
Office Assistant, Washburn Law Clinic 

Photograph: Rachel Schafer.

Rachel Schafer
Assistant Director of Admissions

Debi Schrock. Debi Schrock
Law Clinic, Managing Director

Doug Smith. Doug Smith
Building Maintenance

Photograph: Shelia Summers.

Shelia Summers
Director of Marketing Communications

Photograph: Debbie Tarwater. Debbie Tarwater
Libation Station 

Donna Vilander. Donna Vilander
Administrative Assistant, Centers for Excellence and Marketing
Continuing Legal Education Coordinator