Assignments for First Day/Week of Classes
Summer 2015 Beginning Tuesday, May 26

If your course does not appear on this page, please check back-- first day assignments are still being submitted.

On this page:
» Business Associations - Westbrook
» Criminal Procedure - Hodgkinson
» Interviewing and Counseling - Leisinger
» Labor Law - Mastrosimone
» Landlord Tenant Law - Boyack
» Local Government Law - Heim/Moler

Business Associations - Westbrook for Tuesday, 5/26/2015

  • 1A) First Half of Class:
  1. Introduction to the Class
  2. Agency: Introduction and Principles of Attribution
  3. Palmiter and Partnoy: Chapter 8 pp. 174-176
  4. TWEN link: Restatement (Third) of Agency: 1.01-1.04, 2.01-2.03, 2.06
  5. (note: Required reading assignments from the restatement or any of the uniform acts refer only to the text of the restatement/act itself, not all the comments.)
  6. TWEN: Gorton v. Doty
  7. TWEN: A. Gay Jenson Farms Co.,v. Cargill, Inc.
  8. TWEN: Watteau v. Fenwick
  9. EXERCISE: Practice multiple-choice quiz (ungraded)
    1B) Second Half of the Class
  1. Agency: Liability of Principal to Third Parties
  2. Restatement (Third) of Agency: 4.01, 6.01-6.04, 7.01-7.03, 7.07
  3. TWEN: Ira S. Bushey and Sons v. U.S.
  4. TWEN: Majestic Realty Associates v. Toti
  5. EXERCISE: Multiple-choice quiz (graded).
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Criminal Procedure - Hodgkinson for Tuesday, 5/26/2015
Please read: Introduction: Sources of Criminal Procedure Pages 1-24

Interviewing and Counseling - Leisinger for Tuesday, 5/26/2015
In the "The Counselor-at-Law: A Collaborative Approach to Client Interviewing and Counseling, Third Edition; DiPippa, Peters and Cochran - 2014"
Read the following:

  • Chapter 1 - Three Models of Legal Counseling: Pages 1 - 10
  • Chapter 2 - The Games Lawyers Plan: How Lawyers Control Clients: Pages 11-25.
  • Please note that this is a new edition of the text.

Labor Law - Mastrosimone for Monday, 7/6/2015

  1. Register for the Class on TWEN
  2. Skim St. Antoine, Craver, and Crain 1-20.
  3. Read St. Antoine 20-54 (and corresponding pages in the casebook supplement posted on the TWEN site)
  4. Find, print, and read the National Labor Relactions Act Sections 1, and 7-14.
  5. Complete Quiz #1 on TWEN prior to 11 pm on Sunday July 5 (Quiz will be live by end of day Friday, 7/02).

Landlord Tenant Law - Boyack for Tuesday, 5/19/2015
Please sign up for the class on TWEN. All the readings are there or linked from that site.

Local Government Law - Heim/Moler for Tuesday, 7/7/2015
Please read from the text State and Local Government Law,, Briffault & Reynolds, 7th Ed. West (2009) pp. 1-16, 51-84, 174-258.

Please forward assignment additions/updates to Donna McMurry in the Dean's Office.