ExamSoft and Computer Exams - Spring 2017

Important Notices

Monday, May 1, 2017:
Mac Users:
Today ExamSoft released another new version of SofTest for Mac. This release is 11.0.797.95109. SofTest should automatically upgrade to the new version. If not, you can open SofTest and press the Command, A, and U keys simultaneously to force SofTest to update. Make sure you use this version. This release will significantly improve the overall performance of SofTest and fixes the mid-exam freeze associated with Mac OS 10.12.4.

Also, due to security issues at this time, you will NOT be permitted to use a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for any secured exam. If you have already downloaded the software on your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you may re-install the software on another compatible laptop if you have one available.

Monday, May 1, 2017:
Windows Users:
Windows 10 Creators Update has recently been released by Microsoft. ExamSoft currently does not support this version of Windows.


There is NO fee for using ExamSoft.


Courses in which professors have indicated that they will allow use of SofTest for midterms and finals this semester include:

  • Administrative Law (Rubenstein)
  • Admiralty and Maritime Law (Bahadur)
  • Agricultural Law (Griggs)
  • Antitrust (Ramirez)
  • Civil Procedure IA (Bahadur)
  • Civil Procedure IB (Glashausser)
  • Civil Procedure II (Concannon)
  • Constitutional Law IA Midterm and Final (Jackson)
  • Constitutional Law IB (Rubenstein)
  • Constitutional Law IJ Midterm and Final (Rich)
  • Constitutional Law II (Martin)
  • Contracts A (Boyack)
  • Contracts B (Sourgens)
  • Criminal Procedure I (Ramirez)
  • Criminal Procedure II (Hodgkinson)
  • Elder Law (Landry/Donaldson)
  • Employment Discrimination (Alaka/Mastrosimone)
  • Evidence (Concannon)
  • Family Law (Elrod)
  • International Civil Litigation in the U.S. (Glashausser)
  • Professional Responsibility (Martin)
  • Public Lands (Griggs)
  • Real Estate Transactions (Boyack)
  • Tax of Individual Income (Shim)
  • Taxation by State and Local Government (DeFries/Burghart)

Restrictions: If you do not have an appropriate laptop computer, you will need to either borrow one or obtain a short term rental. Unfortunately, the Law School will not be able to provide computers to those who do not have one.


Mac Users: ExamSoft has fixed the mid-exam freezes experienced by students using version 10.12.4 of the Mac OS. The new SofTest release is version 11.0.793.95079. Please update to this version. You can trigger an auto-update at any time by holding the Command+A+U keys simultaneously while SofTest is open. Or you can re-download SofTest through the custom home page. The SofTest version number can be found at the top of the screen once SofTest is opened after the update is completed.

Due to continuing security issues, the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will NOT be allowed for Softest law exams at the law school, effective immediately (2/11/2017).

No technical assistance will be provided once the exam has begun. In the event of any malfunction, students should complete the remainder of the examination in handwriting using standard bluebooks.