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Externship Program Course Description

The Externship Program at Washburn Law provides a wide variety of active practice exposure opportunities for our students. The program at Washburn Law allows for a maximum of 4 credit hours.  Students must take a minimum of 2 and can take up to a maximum of 4 hours of credit for any single placement.  Students are often encouraged to break the credits up into two separate two hour externships in order to gain experience in two distinct and different practice areas during their law school career.  For each semester hour enrolled the student must perform 50 clock hours of work at the placement.  In a normal semester a two semester hour course will require 100 clock hours of work which amounts to an average of 6 to 8 hours per week.

Course Description 

Once students have been placed and have completed the enrollment process for the Externship course, they will attend a two hour class session with the Externship Director covering course requirements, expectations, professionalism, ethics and other issues and concepts related to skills and practice experience available through externship placement.  This class will generally be held the third Friday afternoon of the Spring and Fall semesters and one of the last Friday afternoons of the Spring semester for Summer placements. 

In addition to the actual workplace time requirements, students are required to complete six weekly guided reflection writing assignments which consist of a few paragraphs in response to an issue question raised by the instructor.  Students also complete an eight to ten page final reflection paper which contemplates what the student sought from the experience, what they received and generally what they have learned from the particular placement.

Students will be required to complete and submit weekly timesheets reflecting the actual projects and activities they are charged with completing in the placement.  This process mimics the billable hour process that students will experience in most or many legal workplaces.

Upon completion of the placement at the end of the semester, students must submit a completed and signed Externship Completion Certificate to the Director in order to receive credit for the course.