Professionalism Oaths for Incoming Classes

Beginning fall 2014, incoming students take a professionalism oath at the beginning of their law school careers. The oath guides the aspirations and conduct of students during their time at Washburn Law and is administered by a local judge at the welcome lunch held during the first week of law school.

I understand that my legal reputation started on my first day of law school. I solemnly vow to uphold the Honor Code of Washburn University School of Law and the values expressed in the Pillars of Professionalism (30 KB PDF). I promise to prepare diligently for my classes in order to develop the competency and character that will be expected of me from those who trustingly seek my aid in time of need.
I will check my official e-mail regularly and respond to communications promptly, accurately, and courteously. I understand that my actions and words, including those shown on social media, now reflect on Washburn Law and the legal profession. I will strive to promote an atmosphere of collegiality with my peers that will carry forward in my professional career. I will treat myself and others with respect. All this I do affirm, with sincerity and resolve.