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Students at Washburn University School of Law may distinguish themselves in the job market by earning a Certificate of Concentration. The areas of concentration can be completed within the traditional 90 credit hours required for graduation. While students do not declare majors because law school provides a broad foundational education, the certificate program at Washburn Law allows students to formalize an area of concentration within the traditional law school curriculum.

Certificates may be earned in the following areas of concentration:

Certificates of concentration are earned by taking one or more required courses from a list of courses considered part of the specialty field. In addition, students must complete optional courses, writing, and service requirements. Students must earn a B average in those courses. Students must declare their intention to complete a certificate program early in the second year of law school, and work closely with a faculty advisor in course selection to design a concentration that meets the student's specific needs and interests.

See also the "Meeting Summary" form that must be completed by a student interested in pursuing a certificate and the advising faculty member.

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