Photograph: View of ocean from Barbados.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy


Students may withdraw for personal reasons, due to a substantial change in the program, or due to certain travel conditions. Students must send notice in writing to the Washburn Law Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Personal reasons: For academic purposes, the Washburn Law policy on withdrawal from courses applies. For tuition refund purposes, the student must provide written notice by the deadlines provided in the Summer Refund Schedule (available each spring). Housing fees will be refunded for dates the student is no longer residing in the residence halls.

Substantial program changes: If there are significant changes in the course offerings or other aspects of the program (other than faculty or staff), applicants who have registered and paid a deposit will immediately be advised by email and afforded an opportunity to withdraw. The tuition, fee, and housing refund policy will be the same as for administrative cancellation, below.

Travel conditions: In the unlikely event that the U.S. State Department issues a Travel Warning affecting Barbados (or even more unlikely, declares Barbados to be an Area of Instability), all registrants will be notified promptly and given an opportunity to withdraw from the Program. The tuition, fee, and housing refund policy will be the same as for administrative cancellation, below.

Administrative Cancellation

Although the program has never been cancelled in the past, if it must be cancelled for administrative reasons, such as under-enrollment, the Director of International Legal Programs will use her best efforts to assist J.D. students from U.S. law schools to enroll in a similar program.

A student who (1) withdraws due to substantial program changes or travel conditions, or (2) is unable to attend due to administrative cancellation, will receive a full or partial refund of tuition and fees as stated below. Please note that refunds do not include personal expenses, such as airfare and meals. See Plan Your Trip for information on travel insurance to cover non-refundable expenses.

  • If the program has not yet begun, the student will receive a full refund of any monies advanced. The refund will be sent within twenty days after notice of withdrawal or cancellation.
  • If the program is underway, the student will be refunded all tuition and fees paid except for courses and activities that have already been completed (for example, courses in which the final exam is finished, pro-rated housing fees, etc.).

Photograph: View of ocean on the east coast of Barbados.

Photograph: Kerzon Walters.
"As a UWI law student, I strongly recommend taking advantage of the Washburn summer law program. You are able to comfortably learn and experience the law from two perspectives. If I had my way, I would take part in it every year!" - Kezron Walters, University of the West Indies law student from St. Vincent