Photograph: View of ocean from Barbados.

Academics and Courses


In winter 2024, we anticipate offering a course on climate justice. For further course information, please contact the program director, Prof. Kowalska:

Grades and Credits

J.D. students from Washburn University School of Law will have their credits automatically applied as graded credits toward graduation requirements. Students from Stetson University College of Law should consult their Assistant Dean for International Programs regarding current policies.

Law students from other universities, both in the U.S. and abroad, may apply to their home universities for transfer of credit. U.S. law programs typically accept ABA-accredited study abroad coursework as ungraded (pass/fail) credits toward graduation. Learn more about grading and credit transfer policies.

Disability Accommodations

Students with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations through Danielle Dempsey-Swopes, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, 785.670.1672 or Please take care to begin the process at least 8 weeks in advance, and to read the full policy and procedures.

Withdrawal and Cancellation

Students who wish to withdraw from the program must provide written notice to Washburn Law's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. For details, please see the Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy. The policy also explains students' rights in case the program is canceled.

Photograph: Keegan McElroy.

"Whenever I have an interview I find myself being asked about Barbados. It’s a rare program and makes me stand out amongst other job candidates. Interviewing is much more fun when you’re not being asked about academics but instead can talk about the cultural experience and the unique learning environment that Barbados offers. It makes you memorable to potential employers."
Keegan McElroy
Washburn Law


The Summer Law Program in Barbados is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is an integral part of the Washburn University School of Law curriculum. The program welcomes J.D. students from U.S. law schools, as well as J.D. and LL.B. students from law schools around the world. Learn more about admissions and enrollment.