Photograph: View of ocean from Barbados.

Program Timeline and Schedule

While adhering to this timeline will make your application and payment much smoother, late applications are usually also accepted. If you have missed a deadline, please contact the Director of International Legal Programs for advice regarding an adjusted timeline.

(Mid-May through June dates may vary slightly depending upon the academic calendar.)

February 1 - Apply for Passport
If you need to apply for or renew your passport, we recommend that you begin the process now. Late applicants, please do not wait any longer than eight weeks before departure, although it is possible (and risky) to pay for an expedited application.

February 15 - Apply for Financial Aid
For students using financial aid, this is the recommended date to begin your application for aid. Washburn students should apply directly through the WU financial aid office. Students from other universities should apply through their home institution's financial aid office. That office will arrange for a "consortium" agreement to forward your payments to Washburn University.

March 1 - Scholarship Application Deadline (Washburn Law Students)
Deadline for Washburn Law students to apply for the program if they wish to be eligible for internal study abroad scholarships. Complete and submit the online Washburn University Office of International Programs (OIP) Program Application (new window opens) and Scholarship Application (new window opens). See How to Apply.

March 15 - Deposit Registration Deadline
See How to Apply.

For those paying directly, without the use of financial aid, this is also the deadline for the first half of tuition ($2,600). For those using financial aid, the law school will defer your tuition until financial aid awards are disbursed.

April 1

In addition, non-Washburn students should apply for non-degree-seeking student status by this date. See How to Apply.

April 15
For students already accepted in the program, a $200.00 seat deposit will be posted to your student account on or near this day.

For those paying directly, without the use of financial aid, this is the deadline for the second half of tuition. For those using financial aid, the law school will defer your tuition until financial aid awards are disbursed.

For interested students, this is the late deadline for applications to the program. If you would like to apply after April 16, please contact the Director of International Legal Programs.

May 1 - Campus Housing Fee Due; Deadline to Withdraw from Program
Housing fee due for students staying on campus. For those using financial aid, the housing fee is customarily deferred until financial aid awards are disbursed.

This is also the deadline to voluntarily withdraw from the program in time to receive a full refund. See Academics.

May 19
Students often arrive together the week before classes begin and stay in private rental accommodations near the beach for a few days or more. Your dormitory rooms may also be available early for a daily rate payable in cash; consult program director.

May 21 - Arrive in Barbados; Move into Residence Hall
Arrive in Barbados by Thursday night and move in to residence hall (security is available to admit students after hours). You may need to stay in a different building for a day or two while your roomis prepared.

May 22 - Campus and Neighborhood Orientation
Optional morning walk to Batts Rock Beach. Afternoon orientation to local transport, neighborhood, campus, and law school; likely evening social outing with faculty and/or program director. If you cannot arrive by today, please consult the program director for advice.

May 23
Tentative date for all-day island safari tour (jeep tour and catamaran cruise, with snorkeling) (if not today, then the next weekend.)

May 24
Day off to rest and settle in. Optional orientation activities at student request.

May 25 - 1st Session Course Begins

June 1
National holiday in Barbados for Pentecost Monday. No classes today. Classes this week will be held Tuesday through Friday.

June 11 - 1st Session Final Exam

June 15 - 2nd Session Course Begins

July 2 - 2nd Session Final Exam

July 3 - Move Out of Residence Hall; Depart for U.S.
Residence hall move-out day; most students will depart for the U.S. today or tomorrow. If you wish to stay an extra night or more, please make arrangements directly with the housing office and pay the daily rate in cash.

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Photograph: Yanique Henry.
"As a Caribbean student studying with the Washburn program, it allowed me to experience the law from a different perspective, ranging from the classroom experience of a different teaching method, to the social experience of interacting with the students and teachers. It has been a great experience both socially and academically and I would encourage anyone, a Caribbean student or one from North America, to experience this program. It is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have." - Yanique Henry, University of the West Indies law student from Jamaica